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Gay Relationships: Tips for Long Term Couples. Adam Blum. By Adam I don't recommend waiting to seek couples counseling until a crisis occurs. Just a few.
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10 Bits of LGBTQ Marriage Advice from 25 Couples

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We decided to survey 25 married gay couples who are in long term relationships and ask them what they felt was important to their success. More than anything else, make sure the both of you love one another. When you get married, it is important that you feel supported by others. This means friends and family alike. A big mistake a lot of gay couples make is thinking that they need to spend a lot of money on their wedding. In truth, spending a wad of cash on nuptials may be the worst possible way to start off your new life.

One of the main reasons couples split — both gay and straight — relates to financial issues. Because money is one of those touchy areas that can be uncomfortable to talk about, it often gets overlooked when considering marriage.

16 Signs Your Gay Relationship Is Over

As a result, problems can crop up down the road. Getting married is more than just the ceremony.

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This necessarily means having a shared vision and by extension; a set of mutual goals. Have you talked about what your goals are? Are they the same or drastically different? This particular point may seem like a no brainer but it is something that needs to be discussed before taking things to the next step through marriage. Tips for Long Term Couples. Gay Relationships: By Adam D. Blum, MFT.

Your rating: None Average: Based on a combination of academic research and the real world experiences of my clients in long term gay relationships, the following are six practices that can enhance and maintain relationships over a lifetime: Author's Bio: Post new comment Please Register or Login to post new comment. Email Address:. Miami Wedding Planner's guide on Jewish wedding traditions and chuppah wedding decorations ideas Dear Dr.

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